Nicola Valley Community Justice Services Society



The Nicola Valley Community Justice Services Society has been in operation since 1996.  We have successfully provided services in the areas of family and criminal law, dispute resolution and anti-poverty advocacy.  We have a commitment to justice in the community and sound financial practices.  Our board of directors is representative of the diversity of the community.


The purpose of the Nicola Valley Community Justice Services Society is to provide a wide range of quality justice and advocacy services to the people of the Nicola Valley, with an emphasis on addressing the individual needs of Indigenous clients and those living in poverty.


The Society serves the City of Merritt and the surrounding area known as the Nicola Valley. Included in this area are a number of small ranching communities and the reserves of 5 Indian Bands. The valley also has a substantial Metis population.


The Society operates four programs, the Nicola Valley Advocacy Centre, the Nicola Valley Restorative Justice Program, The Nicola Valley Indigenous Court Program, and the Family Justice and Mediation Services .


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Our Office is located at 1999 Garcia Street