Nicola Valley Restorative Justice Program

The Nicola Valley Restorative Justice Program provides Indigenous individuals, families and communities with the opportunity to develop and participate in structured alternatives to the court system in dealing with criminal and potentially criminal matters. The program offers an alternative measures component as well as community-based restorative justice forums. It also provides monitoring of Indigenous adults on probation and supervision of community work service.


The main focus of the Restorative Justice Program is service to Indigenous persons, families and communities in the area. However, through the inclusion of the restorative justice component, the Program is able to offer service to all residents of the Nicola Valley seeking an alternative to the court process to deal with criminal matters. Many of the Program’s clients are youths.


At present the program has a full-time Coordinator who is able to facilitate and guide different restorative justice processes; including, community justice forums, peacemaking circles, sentencing circles, circles of understanding and support, healing circles, and reintegration circles. 


Nicola Valley Restorative Justice Program

Christopher Stokes, Restorative Justice Coordinator. 

Tel. 250-378-5010   Email.

1999 Garcia St., Merritt BC. V1K 1B8