Our Programs and Services

Advocacy    Centre

Provides services to people with low incomes who need legal information and assistance on legal problems such as income security, housing, disability, criminal charges, as well as, helping with legal-aid applications 


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Restorative Justice Program

Provides individuals, families, and communities the opportunity to participate in restorative justice practices as an alternative when dealing with criminal matters. It also offers an Alternative Measures component and probation monitoring for Indigenous clients. 


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Indigenous Court

Is a sentencing court where local Elders sit together with a Judge to provide a holistic and restorative perspective for Indigenous Offenders and develops a healing plan as a part of his/her sentence. The Navigator assists the clients to successfully complete their healing plans 


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Family Justice and Mediation Services

Provides families the opportunity to participate in alternative justice processes when dealing with family conflicts and legal family matters. It also offers quality support and traditional care to Indigenous families in the Nicola Valley.


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