NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh speaks with the NVCJSS

Jagmeet Singh, the leader of the New Democratic Party, stopped by in Merritt today. He showed his support to the Nicola Valley Community Justice Services Society and recognizes our efforts and initiatives in order to achieve reconciliation, as well as, our commitment to provide a wide range of justice services to the people of the Nicola Valley. 


This is taking the word reconciliation and putting it into action,” said Singh.

And having a different look at the way the justice system works, because it hasn’t worked for a long time, or it was designed in a way that it kept people down. It’s really clear if you look at the evidence that indigenous people are over represented, and the way it has been designed has not actually resulted in a safer community, or better outcomes for people. This focus on traditional teaching and knowledge and bringing people closer to indigenous values and way of life as a way to help people through their trauma and to build a better life, that’s the only way forward. And it’s really great to see that in action, this is just the start of something special.”


For more information check out: https://www.merrittherald.com/federal-ndp-leader-singh-tours-merritt-facility/


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