Is Indigenous Court Right For You?


Do you identify yourself as an Indigenous person– either First Nations, non-status, Metis or Inuit?


Have you been charged with a Youth or Criminal offence for which you are prepared to plead guilty?


Would you like your sentencing to be dealt with by a Judge sitting with a group of Indigenous Elders? The Judge will impose sentence and the Elders will suggest a healing plan for you.


Are you prepared to honestly answer questions the Judge and Elders may ask during your sentencing hearing?


Are you prepared to do your best to complete your healing plan?


Are you prepared to come back to the Indigenous Court from time-to-time to tell the Judge and Elders how you are doing with your healing plan?


If you answered yes to all of the questions above, Indigenous Court may be for you.


PLEASE NOTE:  If you are charged with an offence:

  • You have the right to plead not guilty and have a trial where the Crown prosecutor must prove the charge against you beyond a reasonable doubt.
  • You should not plead guilty-- in regular Court or Indigenous Court-- for something you are not guilty of "just to get it over with".
  • Speak to a lawyer about your case and any possible defences to the charge before you decide whether to plead guilty or not guilty.
  • If you decide to plead guilty, ask your lawyer or contact one of the numbers below about Indigenous Court.

There are six Indigenous Courts in BC - Duncan, North Vancouver, New Westminster, Merritt (Nicola Valley), Kamloops, and Prince George.  For information on the Nicola Valley Indigenous Court, email or phone 250-280-8642.  For information on the other Indigenous Courts, call 604-601-6074 (Greater Vancouver), or 1-877-601-6066 (elsewhere in BC).